Lot 121
Vacant Leasehold Other
Refer to Auctioneer Available
Lot 122
Investment Freehold Building
£740,000 Result
Lot 123
Vacant Freehold Detached House
Available at £2.25M
Lot 124
Investment Freehold Building
Lot 125
Vacant Leasehold Maisonette
£115,000 Result
Lot 126
Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached House
£128,000 Result
Lot 127
Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached House
£277,000 Result
Lot 128
Vacant Freehold House
£194,000 Result
Lot 129
Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached House
£396,000 Result
Lot 130
Vacant Leasehold Flat
Available at £340,000
Lot 133
Vacant Leasehold Flat
£230,000 Result
Lot 134
Vacant Leasehold Flat
Available at £300,000
Lot 135
Vacant Leasehold Flat
Available at £550,000
Lot 136
Vacant Freehold Building
£190,000 Result
Lot 137
Vacant Leasehold Flat
£205,000 Result
Lot 138
Vacant Freehold House
Available at £625,000
Lot 139
Vacant Freehold Other
Available at £550,000
Lot 140
Vacant Freehold Semi-Detached House
Available at £1.2M
  1. Guide prices given are indications within 10% upwards or downwards of where the reserve price may be set at the time of going to print. Please note they are not an indication of the anticipated sale price or a valuation.
  2. The reserve price is the minimum price at which the property can be sold.
  3. Both the guide price and reserve price may be subject to change up to and including the day of the auction.
  4. For unsold properties after an auction an Available price may be listed. This is the price that the seller(s) are looking for post auction, subject to contract and no higher offers, and has no relation to the guide prices listed prior to the auction sale.

Please note that all prices listed, whether prior to or post auction, are subject to contract.

The Auctioneers and sellers accept no responsibility for any loss, cost or damage that a buyer may incur as a result of relying on any guide price. It is the buyer's responsibility to decide how much they should bid for any lot. Please check with us for regular updates as guide prices are subject to change prior to the auction.

The guide price does not include the buyer's fee charged by the auctioneer or VAT which may apply to the sale or other amounts the seller may charge. The seller's Special Conditions of Sale will state whether there are other seller's charges and whether the seller has elected to charge VAT on the sale price.